Office block at Gelderd Road - Leeds 

Reception area in old factory in Morley - Leeds

Jackson Wilson - Checking his 426 Falcon rebuild process

Saddleton Brochure

 Parts for the Falcon range of presses offered out on exchange basis.

Assembly of a mid transfer cylinder - into a multi colour Falcon

Dave Lee loading a Falcon press circa 1977 

Sponsor of Darren Poweell 

Gameco - USA 

Marmaduke Pilling - Elland 

Richard Jones - Birmingham - K100 Installation

940-2 - Installed in Turkey

22 Sept 1994 - 65" Transfer Cylinders in moulds - Leeds Foundry

David Hulme Machinery - Storeage of Sovereign parts

Repairs to main motor on Falcon 225 - Milthorpe Wakefield

Rebuilt Falcon 426HP on its way to the USA

1975 - Sovereign 450 - transport broke its back, 1st unit on deck - fully rebuilt over a 4 month period (Birmingham Box) 

Richard Lee demonstrates Lorry mounted crane